Our values are deeply embedded in everything we do. This is who we are: the Reverse Records DNA. 

Leave a positive mark


We build products that improve music experiences around the world by staying true to our fans and ourselves. We strive to have a positive impact on the world around us.

Pioneers of the industry


At Reverse Records we show Courage in our actions. We don’t shy away from taking risks and making difficult decisions to build the future our vision holds. In celebrating the learnings gained from failure and success we embrace fun and creative thinking.

Adapt and overcome


We maintain agility by frequently inspecting and adapting our approach. Should we learn along the way that what we are building is not the right thing at the right time, we are prepared to alter course in order to truly respond to the ever-changing realities of our industry.

Be yourself, respect others


We create an inclusive environment that supports you in being yourself and embraces your unique situation. We respect a healthy work-life-balance and trust our employees to do the right thing. Transparency and open communication enable everyone to practice good decision-making.

Pursuit of excellence


We push ourselves to deliver high-quality work in the pursuit of excellence. Efficient processes, well structured code, inspiring initiatives; we are passionate about raising the bar where it matters.